About us

Company profile

DROP S.A. is one of the biggest and most modern enterprises in the poultry trade in Poland. The company is rated among national leaders in the production of healthy and safe food of the highest quality. The products of DROP S.A. are becoming more and more recognised among national and foreign consumers. This is confirmed not only by the increasing sales on national and foreign markets, but also by numerous awards and honours. The poultry that constitutes the production material is fed with phytogenic feeds. Production processes in our plant comply with European Union standards in sanitary and technological terms. Our use of modern technology, HACCP, a system for ensuring food safety, constant veterinary supervision and highly qualified staff contribute to the creation of products of the highest quality, which is confirmed by the following certificates: BRC, IFS, GOST, and HALAL.

Drosed Group

DROP S.A. from February 2015, it is located within the structures of the Drosed Group, whose strategic shareholder is the French LDC Group - the European leader in the poultry industry. The takeover of Drop is another milestone in the implementation of the Group's strategy, which assumes: optimization of industrial production of chicken, duck, geese and canning in all plants, finding new poultry supply areas and expanding export activities. The drop, like other companies included in the Drosed Group, remains an autonomously managed company, pursuing the goals of the entire Group.